Credentialing Assistance

US Army Ignited a.k.a. COOL

Army Active Duty Annual Investment: $1,000 a year


1. Navigate to the ArmyIgnitED website ( - best browsers: Microsoft Edge; Firefox (if you find issues logging in).

2. Click the Get Started button on the Home Page.

3. Click Create an Account to create a account** and follow the on-screen prompts

a. Confirm your email and select a Multi-Factor Authentication method

i. If you are a Government Employee – select Government Employee ID

ii. If you are a Non-Government Employees – select Phone

iii. Continue following the onscreen prompts

b. ** If you have previously had a account, you can opt to Login at instead of creating a new account. This step will link your current account with access to the ArmyIgnitED application.

4. Once you have successfully created your account, you will be directed back to the ArmyIgnitED application.

5. Click Request Vendor Account which will open an email template asking for information necessary for ArmyIgnitED administrators to establish your account. After sending that email, you can exit the ArmyIgnitED application.

6. You will be notified via email once you are set up as a Vendor user of ArmyIgnitED.

7. Once approved, navigate to the ArmyIgnitED website (, click Get Started and follow the on-screen prompts to finish creating your vendor account.

US Air Force COOL

Lifetime Investment: $4,500

Private Pilot, Airplane Single Engine (ASE) Certificate

Credentialing Agency: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Private Pilot, Airplane Single Engine (ASE) Certificate allows individuals to legally fly an aircraft. Private pilots are trained to navigate small aircraft and are knowledgeable in preparations and procedures required to fly. Candidates must meet a combination of prerequisite, experience, and training requirements. Candidates must pass a written and practical exam.

1- Explore AF COOL Credentials

  1. Log in to your AFVEC account, click on Education Programs and then select AF COOL.

  2. Navigate to the AF COOL homepage and explore the credentials you may be qualified for.

  3. Select the credential you wish to pursue through the AF COOL program. (NOTE: You can sort the credentials via funding method, i.e., AF COOL, GI Bill, etc.).

When you open each credential, you will see the following tabs:

  • Summary

  • Eligibility

  • Comments

  • Exams

  • Other

  • Related Occupations

2- Credentialing Eligibility Letter

Once you found the Credential you want to pursue, fill out the Credentialing Eligibility Letter with the Credentialing Agency that you will be using.

3- Create Education Goal

Once you found the Credentials you are interested in, click Create Education Goal.

On step 2, you are required to upload a letter from your Credentialing Agency stating you are eligible to take the exam(s). You will also need to upload any other supporting documentation that is listed on your eligibility tab within your Credential. Failure to upload required supporting documentation will delay or disapprove your tuition assistance requests.

4- Start a Funding Request

In your AFVEC account, locate your AF COOL goal and click "Apply for Funding". Follow the prompts to complete the funding request application. You will need the following information.

  • Exam Center(provided by the credentialing agency’s website) TIP: enter the first word of the exam center and click “Search” – one or more options may appear (i.e., “Pearson” for Pearson VUE)

  • Cost for exam including admin fees (contact the credentialing agency and request an invoice to assist you with your funding request, if you haven’t already done so)

  • Testing Window – AF COOL has recently changed its testing window from 30 to 120 days. If you are testing outside of the AFVEC system’s 120-day window, continue to fill out the request, then email the AF COOL CPO with the anticipated testing date at the information listed below; a counseling note will be placed in your Education File to verify that you have contacted the CPO

Once you complete the funding request, an email will be sent to your supervisor who will review the request and approve or disapprove it. You will be notified via email once this action is completed.

5- AF COOL Approval Process

Once the supervisor approves your funding request, it is then electronically routed to the AF COOL office which will make the payment on your behalf. The CPO / Purchase Agent will contact you through phone or email should they require any changes to be made prior to payment. (NOTE: Funding requests are processed on a First- In, First-Out basis. There are exceptions to this policy for ANG and AFRES members; you must contact the AF COOL CPO to inquire about these exceptions). Your patience with this process is appreciated.

6- Study and Take Exam

After you take your exam, please provide the AF COOL office with a copy of your grade and / or your Certificate of Completion. Failure to report grade may require reimbursement of gov't cost. You can upload your grades to your supporting documentation on your AF COOL goal and email AF COOL office at CCAF.DEAO.AFCOOL@US.AF.MIL

Let the AF COOL office know you have uploaded your grade on your AF COOL goal. Once your grade(s) are updated and you complete your Credential, you will be sent a voluntary End-of-Course survey which will be used to assist the AF COOL office in providing a better service for future applicants.

Veterans Readiness and Employment

How to Apply

Eligible Veterans and Servicemembers may apply for either Veteran Readiness and Employment benefits or for Education/Career Counseling on-line through eBenefits. It's simple to apply. Just follow these steps:

  • Log in to your eBenefits account.

  • Select "Additional Benefits" from your Dashboard.

  • Select "Veteran Readiness and Employment Program" - be sure to read the program information and to update your contact information - and apply for either the "Veteran Readiness and Employment Program" or "Education/Career Counseling".

  • If it is determined that you are eligible, you will be invited to attend an orientation session, in-person, at the nearest VA Regional Office.

  • Servicemembers who have a disability that began or became worse during active duty and who have not yet received a service-connected disability (SCD) rating do not need to wait to apply. See VA Form 28-0588 for further instructions.

For Servicemembers: Ill or injured Servicemembers who have not yet received a SCD rating do not need to wait to apply. Servicemembers expecting a discharge that is other than dishonorable who possess a VA memorandum or Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) rating of 20 percent or more—as well as Servicemembers currently going through a Physical Evaluation Board—may be eligible to receive VR&E services.