Discovery Flights

Sandhills Fliers

Pilot Discovery Flight

Starting at $275

Dream of Learning to Fly?

Experience adventure and get a taste of piloting your own aircraft!

Our Pilot Discovery flights allow you to engage one-on-one with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) as you learn what it takes to become a private pilot.

You will experience both ground and flight time, including the opportunity to take the controls to discover if this adventure is right for you.

A 2-hour experience (1:15 brief & prep, 45 min flight)

Sandhills Fliers offers Pilot Discovery Flights from Moore County Airport with pricing starting at $275. For more information, contact the Sandhills Fliers Club office.

Sandhills Fliers Discovery Flights are the ultimate experience for up and coming aviation enthusiasts, people who have always wanted to experience life as a pilot, or those curious folks who are crossing off adventures on their bucket list. Let us help you make your dreams come true.

What you will experience: Adrenaline, excitement, joy, butterflies may be possible, love for the new perspective (you're welcome in advance), eagerness to do it again, thankfullness for the opportunity.

Come see our world from a whole new perspective.

Contact the Sandhills Fliers front office to book your experience today! (910) 246-0349