Certified Flight Instructors

Interested in joining our CFI team?

We are looking for top-notch CFIs to help with our growing demand of students. This position requires a vast knowledge of aircraft and previous experience to include but not limited to 6 months or 200 hours of prior flight instruction training. 

Applicant must have and possess a FAA Certified Flight Instructor Certificate with Instrument and Single Engine Ratings and an FAA 2nd Class Medical. Multi-engine rating preferred. Must hold a FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument, Single and Multi-engine ratings. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Knowledge of the FAA regulations and procedures and practical knowledge of the fundamentals of instruction to include practical test standards, aircraft systems, aerodynamics, and airworthiness requirements.

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When people make the bold decision to become pilots they typically hit the internet or talk to pilot-friends to begin researching the process. While the Internet is a great source of information and your friends are sure to give you an elaborate story about their piloting adventures, the absolute best way to learn to fly is one-on-one with a certified flight instructor (CFI).  

 Sandills Fliers CFI's are our greatest strength. They each have hundreds (if not, thousands) of hours in the seat and leading/instructing others.  Several of our esteemed CFI's have incredible amounts of combat hours and still, to this day, continue the mission. 

Slim Thompson - Flight Lead

Platforms: T-37, T-1, KC-10, T-6, Caravan, Casa 235, Beech 400A, King Air 350

Hours: 11,000+, 1,100+ on NVG's

Sorties: 678 Combat

FAA Certs: ATP (SE & ME), CFII, MEII, Tail Wheel endorsed


Flip Spencer - Chief of Standardization & Evaluation

Platforms: 30+ different 

Hours: 6,250+

Sorties: 2,600+ Combat Hours

FAA Certs: ATP (SE & ME), CFII, MEII, Commercial Glider & Tail Wheel 

AF Certs: AFI-I, NVG-I, Advanced Instrument School, CRM Facilitator

Parker Priest - Chief of Safety

Platforms: TH-67, OH-58, AH-64, CH-47, C-208, C-12, C-23, C-27, C-208, Aérospatiale, Alenia/Leonardo, Beechcraft, Bell/Textron, Boeing, Cessna, Extra, Hughes/McDonnell Douglas, Kodiak, Mooney, Piper, Marchetti, Shorts, VulcanAir – 40+

Hours: 4,000+

FAA Certs: ATP AMEL, Commercial ASEL & RW, CFII, MEII, 6 Type Ratings

Trained as Aircraft Accident Investigator by the DOD, DOT/FAA, and NTSB.

John Oliphint

Platforms: SE Turboprops, T-6, T-44, BE-90, C-208, MC-130P

Hours: 2,100+

FAA Certs: ATP, CFII, MEI, Tail Wheel endorsed, High altitude Operations

Josh Bingham

Platforms: 21+ different including Beechcraft, Vulcanair, Cherokee, Archer, etc. 

Hours: 1250+


Aaron Sanford

Platforms: 10+ different including Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, and Vulcanair 

Hours: 370, 100+ in multiengine and complex time

FAA Certs: CFI, CMEL, Complex Endorsed

Aaron has been flying since 2021 after quitting a 9-5 job. It very quickly become his passion. When he's not flying, he enjoys his free time scuba diving and skydiving.