While Sandhills Fliers membership is NOT required to fly with us, it drastically reduces your cost to fly and train. A membership also provides you with a community of like-minded aviators AND access to various in-person Ground Courses and Socials.

See which membership may fit your needs below.

Pilot Training Membership

$30 monthly

As a member you can rent a variety of  aircraft to coincide with your level of skill & training, receive discounted instruction from one of our CFIs, and expect invitations to club socials.


This level allows you to own a 20% share of one of our many aircraft along with all Pilot Training Membership perks. 

Cost of shares vary dependent on the aircraft. Contact us to learn which shares are available now.

Neighbor Membership

$15 monthly

As a neighbor you can enjoy hanging out at the airport, and recieve invitations to club training and socials.

 If you have a love for being around aviation and want great friends to experience it with, this membership level is perfect for you!

CFI/CFII Instruction Rates

Members $65/hr

Non-members $75/hr

Instruction rates only, aircraft rental rates are additional and vary by aircraft.

*Sandhills Fliers Membership saves you $5+/hour of CFI Instruction

Sandhills Fliers Membership Application

Online PDF format is available here.

Optional to complete this application in-person at your guided facility tour