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Group Ground Lessons

We are excited to announce our Group Ground School on Wednesday, August 2nd @ 5:30 p.m with our wonderful CFI, Alex Rivas in the Sandhills Fliers Conference Center @ Moore County Airport.  Consider this ground session, and future others, as a "training booster" to help with your own at-home training. Different topics will be discussed with an emphasis on Airman Certification Standards. This class will be open to ALL aviators and not just Sandhills Fliers Members. If you have anyone in mind who may be interested in joining, please pass along the invite. 

These Group Ground classes provide students with the opportunity to learn in a group setting for HALF the normal hourly rate. For many of us, reviewing in a group is the BEST way to learn. It allows us to receive and give support with others, collaborate on various topics, clarify concepts through discussion, and even motivates our training. Perks all around! Building a strong community of aviators through our love for flying has always been the goal at Sandhills Fliers.  

Please RSVP today at or by texting us at 910-638-0468.


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