How do I start?

Whether your goal is aviation as a hobby or as an airline career, Sandhills Fliers is here to help you achieve your goals. With our many trainer aircrafts (including 3 brand new Vulcanairs) and various Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs), we are sure to accomodate to your preferred training schedule and get you closer to those personal achievements. 

The timeline and expenses of getting your Private Pilot License (PPL) are dependent on many personal factors. Students are encouraged to consider Pilot Training membership, which helps offset a portion of your hourly CFI instruction and hourly plane rental cost. Additionally, it is recommended that the more time you spend at home studying ground material (provided in your Gleim Pilot Training Kit- $240 including tax) and "chair-flying" lessons from your time in the aircraft, the less time needed to review with your instructor.  This ultimately makes training more cost-efficient. We have found on average, students spend anywhere between $8-12k on their private pilot license. 

Flight School Tours are also a great way to get to know us. You will get an overview of our fleet, course requirements and the flight booking process. Many of our students have found that taking a Discovery Flight was what really got them interested in continuing with their flying. It allows you to meet our staff members and CFIs, get a tour of our facility, and learn some basics of what it takes to fly an aircraft.

Contact us today for more information on Discovery Flights and starting lessons. 

How many hours does it take to become a pilot?

You can achieve your Private Pilot License (PPL) in as little as 40 hours in the air. On average, most students spend around 60 hours before taking their PPL checkride. Expect to spend your time studying ground lessons at home as well. There will be various check-points where book knowledge is vital.

How much does training cost?

The cost of pilot training is dependent on many variables, but we have found on average students spend anywhere between $8-12k on their private pilot license (PPL). The more time you put into your training, the lower your pilot training expense. 

What are my PPL requirements?

Private Pilot License (PPL) requirements include an understanding of English, 17+ years old, pass a flight medical exam, Government ID and Birth Certificate OR Passport, complete at least 40 hours of flight time, and pass a comprehensive flight check-ride at the end of your training. 

What are my flight solo requirements?

Prior to a solo flight, it is required that the student must have their medical certificate, pass a written exam with their CFI and be 16+ years old. 

How do I get my medical certificate?

Medical Flight exams are available here at KSOP, as we have medical professionals on staff with us qualified to provide you with the necessary exam and certificates. 

Contact our office for more information. 

Why should I choose Sandhills Fliers as my flight school?

Having a very thorough staff is a big part of why our students have great success at Sandhills Fliers. We have a variety of CFIs with a bulk of knowledge and the flexibility to accommodate their student's schedules.  

We are also a school with a large fleet of Aircraft which allows us to insure our students stay in flight and have various options that cater to individualized goals, needs, and personal preferences. In addition, they meet requirements necessary for levels of training not offered at all flight schools. We're thrilled to be able to accommodate TAA, Complex, & Tailwheel endorsements! Our fleet includes high wings, low wings, fuel injected v. carbureted engines, rentals, time builders, and more. 

A huge perk we offer is our sister company, Pinehurst Aviation Services. Their staff of IA and A&P mechanics are wonderful about fixing any squawks and routine inspections on our aircraft with quick turnaround allowing us to spend more time in the air. 

The Community is a large part of why we pride ourselves with being the Best in the Carolinas. Our flight family is close-knit and takes care of each other. We host monthly socials providing our students (& alumni) with Continuing Education of Relatable Flight Issues & Topics. 

Which flight certificates do you offer?

At Sandhills Fliers we offer many certificates including, but not limited to: 

Sport, PPL, Instrument, IFR, Tailwheel, Commercial, Complex/ High Performance, CFI, CFII

*Flight reviews &  Instrument Proficiency checks available 

What is your scheduling procedure?

Our scheduling system allows students and their preferred CFIs to schedule their own flight blocks when it's convenient for the two of them. 

You'll be happy to hear our scheduling system has a billing system integrated into it which allows for easy payment, invoicing, messaging, etc.