Bladen Aircraft & Rates

Student Aircraft

Beechcraft B-19 Sport

The N19NT is available as a cost- saving option for students and time-builders.

Avionics: uAvionix AV-30  AI and HSI, Garmin GNS 430Nav/Comm and Garmin 496 GPS

Performance: 115 hp, Cruise speed 123 mph/107 kn

Useful load 610 lbs

Member Wet Rate $190/hr

Beechcraft Muskateer A23

It is a reliable time-builder and a cost-effective option for the novice airplane owner. 

Avionics: two Garmin G5 PFD/MFD Displays, a Garmin GNS 530W GPS, and a Garmin GTX 330 Transponder. 

Useful load 975 pounds

Comfortably seats four 

Cruise at over 115 knots for more than 900 nautical miles.